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The 2019 Honda Civic Type R Gets Price Bump, Still Worth It

For many years, the Honda Civic Type R was forbidden fruit in the United States, and the closest domestic enthusiasts could get to experiencing Honda’s hot rod was on the tracks of Gran Turismo. That made it a hot ticket when the 306-horsepower hatch arrived back in 2017, and it’s apparently still a hot ticket, because the latest price increase means it’ll cost almost $2500 more than the first examples that arrived on our shores.

Do the math, and you’ll find the cost of entry is now $37,230, which isn’t exactly inexpensive. But given the practicality, reliability, and fun factor of this pocket rocket? It remains a great deal in the performance world.

For proof, we turn to AutoNation Drive’s own Omar Rana, who assured Honda fans it delivered on all the hype in his recent review. Now, given all the twist on tap, he was curious about torque steer, which he addressed right away:

The first question everyone asks is if there is any torque steer. That’s a proper question since you have 306-hp going to the front. Well, the answer is simply “no.” Torque steer on the new Honda Civic Type R is nonexistent, thanks to Honda’s dual-axis front suspension. The rear suspension is also now fully independent. This thing is brilliant to drive and is the perfect balance of sophistication and sportiness.

Overall, he thought the car was “spectacular,” and there’s lots more great information about his time with this fantastic little machine in his review.

So if you were thinking about picking up a hot hatch that’ll handle both your daily commute with aplomb? Well, it might cost you slightly more than you were expecting.

Don’t let the slight price bump put you off though, because after test driving one at your local AutoNation Honda dealer, you likely won’t be able to sign on the dotted line fast enough.

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