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Hat Trick: What’s Happening With the 2019 Dodge Challenger

For decades, enthusiasts generally thought of the late ’60s as the golden age of the muscle car. But in recent years, Ma Mopar has proven we’re actually living in it — right now. To illustrate that point, the company recently released a video showcasing all of the updates to the SRT 2019 Dodge Challenger lineup, and it’s enough to get any gearhead’s blood pumping.

First up, there’s the Scat Pack Challenger, which comes packing a 485-horsepower HEMI V8. New for 2019 is the widebody, which increases the width by 3.5 inches, and leaves room for fat 20-inch wheels shod with rubber 11 inches wide. To help make sure the engine can breath properly, the hood of Scat Pack cars will feature the vent we’ve seen on previous generation Hellcats. As Dodge and SRT brand head Steve Beahm says in the video below, this is a lot of vehicle for under 40k.

Next up the line is the Hellcat, which gets a new dual snorkel hood, along with a 10-horsepower bump, meaning there will be a whopping 717 ponies on tap. For those who love hitting the drags — or just like smoking the rear meats — there will also be a line-lock system, which will clamp down the front brakes while leaving the rear ones free to create a giant smoke show.

Another drag-inspired modification is the addition of the aftercooler, which will help the engine cool off between blasts down the drag strip. This is a feature we can’t believe we’re seeing on passenger vehicles. To refresh yourself on exactly how potent the Hellcat already was, you can read resident leadfoot Mike Musto’s review here.

At the top of this ferocious food chain sits the new Challenger Hellcat Redeye, which is aimed at the truly certifiable folks who don’t think the Hellcat is enough of a beast. At its heart is a 797-horsepower mill which allows it to demolish the quarter mile in a blistering 10.8 seconds at 130 mph. Dodge says this is all the best parts of the Hellcat and the Demon in one package, and we agree wholeheartedly.

If you went back in time ten years and told the folks hanging out at your local cruise in that cars with those kind of numbers would be available with a warranty from a major manufacturer, they’d have thought you were crazy. But that’s the world we’re living in, and it’s beautiful. So head to your local AutoNation Dodge dealer to check out these babies in person, as a short spin behind the wheel should be able to convince you life is better with muscle!

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