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Beautiful and Dynamic: 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S Test Drive

There’s no doubt that many people think that station wagons are boring, and are mostly owned by soccer dads/moms, scientists, or professors. However, there are a few wagon-loving enthusiasts around the U.S. that simply worship these wonderfully shaped utility vehicles. Why? Well, largely because they offer SUV attributes like cargo space and seating capacity, while still delivering agile handling. They’re also relatively rare, which tends to endear them to enthusiasts.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the Jaguar XF Sportbrake S AWD, the latest addition to America’s niche station wagon market. This wagon is powered by a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that pumps out 380 horsepower, which is good enough for a zero- to-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds. So yeah, the  2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S AWD hauls more than groceries.

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S Exterior

When you look at the Jaguar XF Sportbrake from the front, there’s nothing different from the sedan. It has the same aggressive front end styling, along with the the sleek headlamps and signature Jaguar look that we’ve all come to appreciate. This Jaguar wagon is available in two trims, including the XF Prestige Sportbrake ($64,575**) and the XF Sportbrake S ($71,215**) you see here. Like the Jaguar XF S sedan, the XF Sportbrake S features a few muscular additions to the front end, like the giant front intakes and the ’S’ body kit, which included a restyled front bumper. The body kit also adds on gloss black side sills, rear valance, and tailgate.

Overall, Jaguar should be commended for making not just distinguished looking wagon, but a very stylish vehicle overall. While the front end of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake is very similar to that of the XF Sedan, the story completely transforms when you view it from other angles. Some of our favorite design highlights include the sloping roofline, rear taillights that look super crisp at night, the rear spoiler that hangs over the roof on the back, and the giant panoramic sunroof that allows in a ton of sunlight to give the cabin a more spacious ambiance. While the Jaguar XF Sportbrake may look longer than its sedan sibling, at 195 inches, it’s actually the same length.

Our test model, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake S, came with more aggressive stance thanks to “S” body-kit and 20-inch alloy wheels in gloss-dark grey and diamond-turned finish. There aren’t many exterior add-ons that are available. Besides the color, you can swap out the wheels for 20-inch gloss black wheels, or a different version of the 20-inch wheels that it comes with.

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S Interior

While the Jaguar XF Sportbrake lineup impresses with a sleek exterior design and outstanding performance, the interior could use some upgraded styling. Now, we’re not saying that this interior is a huge downer because it is extremely comfortable and well-built. The Jaguar XF Sportbrake does have the best-in-class interior volume. Let’s break it down by rear legroom, cargo capacity with the second row up, and cargo capacity with the second row folded:

– 𝗝𝗮𝗴𝘂𝗮𝗿 𝗫𝗙 𝗦𝗽𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗯𝗿𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗦: 36.6-in. / 32 ft³ / 70 ft³.
– 𝗩𝗼𝗹𝘃𝗼 𝗩90 𝗧6: 35.9-in. / 32 ft³ / 54 ft³.
– 𝗠𝗲𝗿𝗰𝗲𝗱𝗲𝘀-𝗕𝗲𝗻𝘇 𝗘400 𝗪𝗮𝗴𝗼𝗻: 35.8-in. / 35 ft³ / 64 ft³.

Standard features on the 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake include dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, 8-inch touchscreen display, navigation, USB/AUX inputs, Bluetooth, an awesome Meridian Sound System, and a range of driver assist technologies.

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S Performance

The 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S is powered by a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that makes a total of 380 horsepower with a peak torque of 332 lb-ft. Mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, 0 to 60 mph comes in just 5.3 seconds with a top speed of 121 mph.

Now, while the Mercedes-Benz E400 hits similar numbers to the XF Sportbrake S, their driving characteristics couldn’t be more different. While the Benz aims to be a comfortable luxury cruiser, the XF Sportbrake S focuses on being a sporty wagon with quick steering, tight and sharp handling, and a suspension that has firm damping. You do have the choice to pick between four driving modes including Normal, Eco, Dynamic, and AdSR (Adaptive Surface Response) – however, the overall driving experience still focuses on engaging the driver.

Fuel economy wise, the 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S averages an EPA-rated 18/25 mpg* (city/highway).

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S Safety

The 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S comes with a range of standard driver assist technologies including lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, reverse traffic detection, front and rear parking sensors, and much more.

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S Overall

Overall, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake (the Sportbrake S here in particular), packs sports sedan driving dynamics with an undeniably beautiful exterior. While the interior may not be as refined or chic as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon or the Volvo V90, the XF Sportbrake does plenty of things better than those two. The feeling and the feedback this wagon gives you when you push it to its limits is completely satisfying. Price for the 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake S AWD start at $71,125. Visit your local AutoNation Jaguar dealer for a test drive today.

*Based on EPA mileage ratings. Your mileage will vary depending specific vehicle trim, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, and other factors.

**MSRP excluding tax, license, registration, destination charge and options. Dealer prices may vary.

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