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2018 BMW 430i Coupe Test Drive Review

BMW coupes have always been about the driving experience. They’re sleeker, a bit more hard-edged, and from a visual perspective, are for discerning owners who want to stand out. The 430i Coupe you see here has just gone through a mid-cycle refresh, and while visually it may not seem like a lot has changed, BMW insists there’s more to this 2018 model than meets the eye.

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2018 BMW 430i Coupe

2018 BMW 430i Coupe Exterior

For 2018 BMW has decided to dial-in a bit more aggression to the 430i by way of a reimagined lower front fascia, new headlamps and a modified rear bumper treatment. Keep in mind that this was already a very good looking automobile, so BMW had to be careful with their tweaks so as not to make a hash of things. Gone are the oval-like halo style headlights and in their place now reside standard Bi-LED lamps with an angular, almost angry geometric design that give the 430i a more upscale look. That headlamp aggression can also be seen in the lower callouts that house the driving lamps, as those too now incorporate a stronger visual dynamic.

The smooth bumper lines of the 2017 model have been replaced with styling that’s more befitting of a sports coupe with a new blacked-out lower rear panel for the exhaust ports and full LED rear lighting. The rest of the body remains largely unchanged. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that’s Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic paint that slathered all over this thing (I really like that name).

2018 BMW 430i Coupe

2018 BMW 430i Coupe Interior

Whereby the exterior of the 430i has been hardened up, the interior is still a wonderful and calming place to be. Supportive, electronically adjustable heated leather sport seats come to us in Cognac Dakota leather with dark brown highlights and a manual extension for lower leg support. The soft touch dash is decked out in aluminum dark carbon with a pearl gloss chrome trim and has a decidedly upscale feel to it. And thanks to the M Sport package, the leather-wrapped steering wheel with what seems to be the perfect amount of thickness feels just about perfect.

In a world where manufacturers are moving towards full-screen digital clusters, it’s great to see that BMW has stuck to its roots by using large analog gauges. Now granted, there is a large center mounted screen that’s for use with BMW’s new iDrive 6.0, and it does provide wonderful connectivity for things like Apple CarPlay, navigation, media and vehicle settings, along with some pretty trick sport displays for things like peak horsepower and torque readings. An integrated backup camera and parking sensors are also in place to make sure you don’t ding that beautiful bodywork.

As the 430i is a coupe, it should come as no surprise that the front seating area is abundantly comfortable while the rears are bit cramped and lacking in headroom for taller passengers. Once underway, however, a quiet cabin will treat occupants to hours of fatigue-free travel. Thanks to fold-down rear seats, cargo space is also liberal.

2018 BMW 430i Coupe

2018 BMW 430i Coupe Performance

BMW’s 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder lives under the hood and produces a respectable 248 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. As it has a compression ratio of 10.2:1, it also uses premium fuel, but when mated with the 6-speed manual transmission like our test car, it proved to be a hoot to drive. With short throws and fairly tall gearing the 430i doesn’t slam you back in your seat, but instead it accelerates with authority allowing one to utilize every bit of the 6,500 rpm it has to offer. Bang through the gears and you’re treated to a zero-to-60 mph time of just over 5.5-seconds, and then onto a limited top speed of 130 mph.

Equipped with the optional M Sport Package, our 430i benefited from 18” M Star-spoke wheels running 225/45-series all season tires up front and 255/40-series out back. When thrown into a corner the 430i exhibited little in the way of body roll and we found that it’s extremely well balanced, thanks to an almost perfect 50/50-weight distribution and a curb weight of 3,541-lbs. Braking was also accomplished with authority thanks to large 4-piston calipers up front and ventilated rotors. Keep in mind that this is not a car you’re going to take out and win drag races with, but instead, it’s a wonderful sports coupe that will provide you with hours of fun on your favorite twisty back roads. It also gets an EPA rated 21-mpg city, 33-mpg on the highway and 25-mpg* during combined driving.

2018 BMW 430i Coupe

2018 BMW 430i Coupe Safety

Equipped with the latest in safety technology, the 430i Coupe comes to us with such features as airbags throughout the cabin, anti-lock brakes, adaptive brake lights, electronic stability control, traction control, blind-spot monitoring and a rearview camera. Additional safety features can be seen at BMWUSA.com.

2018 BMW 430i Coupe

2018 BMW 430i Coupe Overall:

With an as tested price of $52,695.00** and a base price of $43,300.00, the 2018 430i is a great way to enter into the world of BMW. The sport-oriented interior feels thoroughly modern while still being driver centric, and thanks to the inclusion of a 6-speed manual transmission, it’s a lot of fun to drive. Now granted, there are cars in this segment that are quicker, but the 430i provides a sporty driving experience that’s at the top of the segment.

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*Fuel economy values (mpg) are EPA estimates. Actual mileage will vary and depends on several factors including driving habits and vehicle condition.

**Vehicle MSRP of $52,695.00 excludes taxes, title, transportation, options, and dealer fees.

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