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Call David Copperfield, because the 2016 Honda HR-V comes with Honda’s Magic Seat

The 2016 Honda HR-V has a handful of tricks up its sleeves, but arguably its most impressive one is its innovative rear Magic Seat. First seen in the Honda Fit subcompact hatchback, Honda’s 60/40-split rear Magic Seat allows 2016 Honda HR-V customers to make the most of the subcompact crossover SUV’s nearly 60 cubic feet of available cargo space courtesy of three useful cargo hauling modes.

utility mode, 60/40, magic seat

Utility Mode

Thanks to a fuel tank mounted in the middle of the 2016 Honda HR-V’s chassis, the subcompact crossover SUV has a very low cargo floor. So low, in fact, it’s hard to imagine the rear seats are capable of folding completely flat with the cargo floor; however, the HR-V’s rear Magic Seat manages this seemingly impossible task. We’re not saying the HR-V’s flat-folding rear seats are the result of magic, but it’s certainly impressive.

long mode, magic seat

Long Mode

Looking to carry a ladder, surfboard or other long item? The 2016 Honda HR-V’s ready for it. Besides utilizing the 2016 Honda HR-V EX-L Navi model’s standard roof rails, HR-V owners can fold the rear Magic Seat down and tilt the front-passenger seat all the way back in order to create a virtually obstruction free pathway to the dashboard for hauling long items.

tall mode, magic seat

Tall Mode

Need to haul something tall? Fold up the rear seat bottoms of the HR-V’s rear Magic Seat and you’ll be greeted to a vertically-friendly cargo area. Thanks to a wide, flat and low-mounted rear footwell (once again, courtesy of the fuel tank’s central location), the rear Magic Seat’s “Tall Mode” allows you to easily transport large items like potted plants or a flat screen TV. In fact, Honda claims the area is capable of hauling two mountain bikes, provided both bikes front wheels have been removed.

2016 Honda HR-V

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