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Can Volvo Sell One Million Electric Cars by 2025?

Car manufacturers are racing toward many things, including the fully-autonomous car. But that’s a little ways off. What is closer on the horizon is the car manufacturer who is able to offer both conventional and electric motor options in their entire fleet. Volvo Cars is one such manufacturer who is making progress in this arena and has been working on the adoption of electric cars into their model lineup for over a decade.

Today, we are an extremely goal-oriented society. The goal of making all new models available with an electric motor doesn’t seem farfetched. This is something that Volvo is working towards with a 2019 deadline. Specifically, Volvo wants to roll out five completely electric models between 2019 and 2021. 2021 is slated to be the year of the release of several hybrid models, including plug-in hybrids and battery-only. Mild hybrids are also included in the mix and are powered by a battery assisting an internal combustion engine to achieve improved fuel efficiency. Volvo also is considering putting an end to any further development on next-gen diesel engines. Production of its electric vehicles will be done in the US, China, and Europe.

Volvo recently spoke up about the great demand for electric vehicles, hence, they’re putting their money where their mouth is. They have gone as far as to vow they will sell one million electric cars by 2025. They will support this goal in part by releasing two hybrid versions of each model into their lineup. This is a wise move on Volvo’s part in consideration of increasingly tight emissions control regulations going into effect in the coming years to fight air pollution and delay climate change on a global level. In fact, Volvo has gone so far as promising to sustain climate neutral operations by 2025.

While we cannot try out a 100% electric Volvo just yet, we can always opt to test our favorite Volvo models at your local AutoNation dealership.

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