Video: Top 5 Parking Assist System Features

Need help parking? Technology to the rescue! Here are the top 5 parking assist system features currently available on modern cars.

The 360-degree camera is first. It provides a simulated bird’s eye view using multiple cameras and advanced software. The images are shown through your infotainment system. Parking assist radar provides auditory and visual cues to alert you concerning how close you are to obstacles, which is a great help in tight parking situations.

Rear cross-traffic alert also uses radar to check for obstacles, specifically in the back. This radar alerts you when there may be pedestrians in harm’s way. Rear auto-brake assist automatically stops your vehicle for you when a hazard is detected and not avoided, and auto-parking assist helps you to park by giving you throttle and braking cues as well as steering for you.

To get a feel for any one of these systems, go for a test drive at your nearby AutoNation dealer today.

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