Video: AutoNation News Episode 9

On this episode of AutoNation News, Chevrolet brings aftermarket looks to production vehicles and Ford introduces an all-new Expedition.

The 2017 Chicago Auto Show kicked off last week, and one of the big stories came from Chevrolet. They announced the Redline Special Edition series, which is soon to be available on nine different car, truck and crossover models.

In other news, for 2018 Ford decided the Expedition wasn’t quite big enough. This is the all-new Expedition. It’s both bigger and lighter than last year’s model. How did they do that? Like the F-150, Ford has moved the Expedition to an aluminum body.

Thanks for watching this week’s episode of AutoNation News. Tune in next week for more automotive updates, and visit your local AutoNation dealer to get behind the wheel of the car you want.

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