Video: AutoNation News Episode 25

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This week Ford makes the already special Focus RS even more special, BMW’s 8-series makes its debut, the M5 gets all-wheel drive, and someone might have let Honda Type R pricing slip! This is AutoNation News.

To celebrate the final year of production, Ford has taken feedback from forums and fan mail to produce the even hotter 2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition. Available in two colors: Nitrous Blue or Race Red, every Limited Edition includes custom 19-inch wheels, as well as the RS2 package as standard equipment.

Like Ford’s RS badge, BMW’s M always means the vehicle wearing it is extra special. The ultimate M8 will be the M8 GTE, which is developed to spearhead a return to Le Mans for the German carmaker.

While on the subject of BMW, let’s not forget one of the siblings of the upcoming M8… the M5. The sixth generation of this fantastic sport sedan will be launched later this year along with the new M xDrive system.

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