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Turning Heads: Video of the AutoNation SEMA Build in Las Vegas

Getting a vehicle ready for the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is no easy task. Picking the right platform, quickly sourcing parts, and assembling the right team are all key factors. But even when everything works perfectly—and everyone knows how often that happens—getting everything buttoned up in time to get through the door of the convention center is always a hustle. So we enlisted the world famous Flat 12 Gallery to manage the AutoNation SEMA build, because if any shop could handle the pressure, it was this crack team of Texans.

In previous posts, we’ve covered the laundry list of parts our partner Auto Gear secured to make our F-150 one-of-a-kind, but the most striking change we made to our bad Blue Oval was the hand-drawn art which covered every inch of the full-body wrap. The imagery incorporates themes including the open road, the fight against breast cancer, and Drive Pink’s coast-to-coast footprint, and looking at it? You might imagine such intricate work might take forever.

Sharpie superstar Jada Paxton didn’t have forever though, so she managed to knock out the massive undertaking in a scant three weeks.

Of course, drawing on something with as many creases, corners, and edges as a truck presented a unique set of challenges, and while everything looks perfect in all the photos we’ve seen, Paxton explained that she actually had to makes some small corrections as she progressed across the body. It’s testament to her skill that she’s probably the only person on the planet who could actually find them, and did we mention this is the first time she’s done anything like this? She was tapped for the job because Flat 12 owner Jeff Allen commissioned her to do a mural for him last year, but given the final product here, we wouldn’t be surprised if she winds up doing more vehicles.

Watch the video to hear Paxton explain the process firsthand, and look out for some of the custom parts you’ll be able to score at your local AutoNation dealer soon!

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