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Check Out Pics of the Toyota’s New Supra Race Car

First off, we should make something clear — we’re ready to see the production version of the new Supra. But one thing we’ve said over and over again? We love to see cars in race spec. So we’re inclined to give Toyota a little more time to unveil the version of the new Supra you’ll be able to check out at your local AutoNation Toyota dealership.

Because the GR Racing Supra Concept looks the business.

In this official press release, there’s nothing about what’s actually going to power this beast, or its street-legal sibling. But our friends over at Autoblog chatted with Toyota engineer Tetsuya Tada at the Geneva Motor Show, where he volunteered there will be a turbocharged I-6 under the hood. Even though it’s going to be a BMW engine — due to corporate partnership which is producing the new Supra — that should make fans of the legendary original happy. As should the promised 50:50 weight distribution.

What might not make them as happy? The fact that Tada threw cold water on the idea that there will be a manual option. To that revelation, we can say we’re disappointed, but not terribly surprised. Buyers have been opting against a third pedal for decades, and while we celebrate that affordable sports cars like Toyota’s 86, Mazda’s MX-5, and Ford’s venerable Mustang still offer the opportunity to row your own, it seems depressingly clear that the higher a vehicle’s price point, the less likely it is to have an old-school manual shift.

And while we know hope is cruel, we’d like to point out that the interior shots clearly show a third pedal. Make of that what you will.

There was no mention of when we’ll see the GR Racing Supra Concept on an actual race track, but it will make its virtual debut sooner rather than later, via an update to Gran Turismo Sport next month. Given how much of the fourth-generation car’s popularity was stoked by its inclusion in the racing game — and obviously, the Fast and Furious series — it’s a fitting part of the new car’s super-protracted rollout. Enjoy the pics.

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