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Toyota 860 Special Edition 86 Hits Dealerships

It’s safe to say that the Toyota 86 — formerly known as the Scion FR-S — is one of our favorite vehicles released in the past few years. And to keep the car fresh, the company has just announced that an 860 Special Edition 86 is on the way.

Now, even in base form, the 86 is a fantastic package. While its 200-horsepower engine doesn’t produce mind-melting amounts of poke, at around 2,700 pounds, the car is relatively svelte, so it doesn’t need much motivation. We’ve spend several fun afternoons hurling 86 into the bends of California’s famous canyon roads, and can attest to just how capable it is, even when shod with the stock economy car rubber.

Toyota 860 Special Edition 86

That said? We’d still like to see turbo-charged version which would provide a little more grunt to the affordable, rear-wheel drive sports car. And unfortunately, that’s not happening with the 860 Special Edition 86.

Instead of forced induction, buyers will get the choice of two unique color schemes — Halo White, and Supernova Orange — along with some updated aerodynamic elements to help keep it even more planted in the bends. As you’d expect, there will also be some interior upgrades, including heated seats, push-button start, contrasting stitching, and some unique badging.

At a $4,000 premium over the standard models — which start at a reasonable 26k — we’d guess most buyers will make the decision to upgrade to the 860 Special Edition 86 based on the exterior colors. And if we had our way? Toyota would also have made Scion’s sweet Cement Gray an option.

To be honest, we’re a little surprised the special edition isn’t getting any trick suspension upgrades or new wheels, but we have to admit, we’re just happy that the company makes this car at all. It’s that good. Production will be evenly split between Halo White and Supernova Orange models, for a total of just 1,720 units. So if these colors make you unable to resist the gravitational pull of the spry little 86, we’d recommend getting down to your local AutoNation Toyota dealer pronto — because it’s anyone’s guess how long they’ll last.

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