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Top Car Features Right Now

Just think back twenty years to the type of features we liked most in our cars. A recent study by IHS Markit, the 2017 Automotive Connected Services and Apps Consumer Analysis survey compiled data from five key global markets (US, Germany, China, UK and Canada), and identified the top car features consumers want most in their next vehicle.

Key takeaway: it was concluded that Americans are willing to shell out more for technology features in their cars than residents in the other countries.

Feel Good Features & Safety Features
Overall, respondents are willing to spend a bit more for things that increase comfort. Things like sunroofs and rear entertainments systems were at the forefront of the minds of those surveyed. Automotive digital technology as a broad topic was also in the spotlight.We can’t deny the importance of in-car Wi-Fi today, and the numbers returned underscored this, with 29 percent of respondents indicating this feature was a strong selling point for their next vehicle.

Here are some additional takeaways:

    • 51 percent of consumers will choose access to real-time traffic information in their next new car; dynamic routing and updates to maps in real time was preferred by 41 percent, while 36 percent will want wireless updates.
    • A resounding 32 percent are already considering roadside assistance service as a determining factor in their next car purchase.
    • 29 percent of respondents answered they would like stolen vehicle assistance services to be available with their next car purchase.
    • 25 percent of those surveyed indicated automatic crash notification along with turn-by-turn navigation is a strong selling point for their next car.
    • As for current apps used, the majority of respondents answered that navigation apps were the most frequently used, followed by weather apps, and then music apps.

Hence—current demand for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Other top car features are safety, service and convenience features and include things like keyless entry and remote start, adaptive cruise control, power driver seat with memory settings, heated and cooled seats, and blind spot detection.

We’ve come a long way from the full-size spare tire and multi-disc CD player—those are still nice to have, when we can get them.

If you’re on the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, your local AutoNation dealership will have inventory that includes many of the aforementioned top car features. You’re free to visit the local dealer of your favorite manufacturer and test out the vehicles and see some of these features in action.

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