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Top Benefits of Buying a Used Car in 2017

2017 is shaping up to be the perfect year to buy a used car. It’s akin to the “buyer’s market” in real estate. Only for cars. Used cars. What’s so special about this year and what are the benefits of buying a used car in 2017?

Get luxury, without the premium price tag
A great majority of pre-owned vehicles that were leased are now returning to dealer lots. A hefty chunk of these vehicles are luxury vehicles that are only gently used and properly maintained due to contractual obligations. In fact, there is a record-breaking 3.6 million off-lease vehicles coming to market this year.

Multi-point inspections and vehicle history reports
Used vehicles that are being sold by reputable dealers today will offer some form of inspection and a vehicle history, or CarFax, report. This gives you the added security of knowing things like:

    • Number of owners
    • Comprehensive auto maintenance and service report
    • History of accidents
    • Mileage validation

AutoNation is one such automotive retailer who offers a no-haggle, competitive price on used cars with a multi-point inspection and a vehicle history report. Click here to learn more about it and browse AutoNation’s used cars.

Top technology and safety features
These pre-owned luxury vehicles are flooded with today’s top technology like Apple AutoPlay and Android Auto connectivity with Bluetooth and user-friendly touchscreen media centers, along with Navigation and backup cameras. In the last few years, more driver’s assist safety features have become offered, which means you can now receive significant reductions on pre-owned luxury cars that offer the technology of new vehicles, one of our favorite benefits of buying a used car in 2017!

Friendly financing opportunities
With the market in the used car buyer’s favor, it only makes sense that you will find the financing odds stacked in your favor, as well. In fact, most automotive retailers offer incentives and competitive pricing on their used and certified-pre-owned vehicles. This may be our top benefit of buying a used car in 2017.

A comforting thought to remember
We’ve come a long way when it comes to used cars, and in this market, the consumer truly has the upper hand. With so many options for used cars all around you, if you don’t like the package you’re being presented on one particular used car, walk away. Remember, there are nearly four million car choices on offer right now!

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