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Top 5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Glorious summer is upon us. But still, as gentle as summer can be, the fair season calls forth some unique challenges, and consequentially, some unforeseen auto conditions can creep up on you. You can run through the following car care checklist to ensure you’re not left high and dry this summer. Here are our summer car maintenance tips.

  1. Check radiator hoses and belts for signs of stress and cracking.
    Tip: You can do this.
  2. Have your cooling system flushed once every two years.
    Tip: Bring your car in to your local automotive car care center and have a qualified service technician perform the coolant flush.
  3. Have your car’s air conditioner inspected.
    Tip: Bring your car in to ensure it is cooling at maximum efficiency and is clean. Good news: newer cars now have air filtering systems within, so the age of your car may determine your air conditioner’s efficacy. This is one of those summer car maintenance tips that often gets overlooked until it’s 95 degrees and your car’s air conditioner suddenly quits. That’s why a proactive approach is never a bad idea.
  4. Make sure your car’s tires are in good shape.
    Tip: Track your tire pressure once a month. Test the tread of your tire and check to see if there are any anomalies or uneven wear and tear. You can do this. For instance, if you find one uneven tire in the group, it may mean your car alignment is off and has been making that tire’s wheel work harder. Bring your car in to a trusted service technician to inspect your tires and possibly give your car an alignment and any tire replacements you need. Don’t disregard this, it’s one of our most important summer car maintenance tips.
  5. Test your car’s battery.
    Tip: Keep your car’s battery free of corrosion and debris. You can scrape these from the surface carefully with a little baking soda in warm water, using an old toothbrush, when the car hasn’t been running for a period. If you suspect you have a weak battery, you can bring your car in to have the battery tested by a trained service technician using the proper testing equipment. The test is simple and can immediately tell you if you need a battery replacement. Stay cool this summer, and keep both driver and automobile in good shape. If you want to have any of the aforementioned summer car maintenance tasks completed by a factory-trained and certified service technician, you can schedule service with a participating dealer in your area.

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