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LA Auto Show: The Three-Row Lexus RX L is Coming This Month

The RX has been an unmitigated hit for Lexus, and now the company is taking it to another level: Meet the three-row Lexus RX L.

Given the constantly changing dynamics of the automotive landscape, it’s not always wise to tout any vehicle as a sure-fire success. But if any vehicle qualifies for such a distinction? It’s the RX L. After all, the standard model essentially invented the now-booming mid-size luxury crossover segment when it bowed in 1998, and it’s still the hottest seller for Lexus.

So this is sure to be a win for Lexus, Lexus dealers, and buyers looking for a bulletproof, cushy third-row people mover. Because while cars like the stunning LC 500 might garner reams of positive press, the RX is the kind of high-volume unit shifter which gives engineers the budget to build niche, nimble GT cars, just like the Porsche Cayenne provides cover for the 911 R and Stuttgart’s other track-slaying beasts.

While it’s four-inches longer than its two-row counterpart, anyone familiar with the current generation RX will recognize the RX L immediately. This is actually one of those cases where more of the same is a great thing, and though grown adults won’t likely want to spend a cross-country trip in the way back, we expect they’ll do just fine for little ones and short jaunts around time. At any rate, they fold down and provide extra cargo room when not in use. Buyers will get a choice of two models, the RX 350L, which sports a 3.5-liter V-6, and the 45ohL hybrid, which incorporates an electric motor at the rear axle. Power figures are 290 and 308 horsepower, respectively, but we expect the hybrid’s 18 extra ponies to make for punchier starts from a stoplight.

The RX L will arrive at your local AutoNation dealer later this month. So if you’re looking to make it a December to remember? You should stop in soon, because the initial arrivals are sure to disappear like Christmas cookies. Check out a full tour of the latest Lexus below!

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