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The Dodge Demon Will Come With a Special Snap On Tool Kit

To say we’re excited about the Dodge Demon is one heck of an understatement. Seriously, it’s a car that was designed to make the 707-horsepower Hellcat look tame in comparison, and is destined to inflict fighter-pilot levels of g-force on anyone bold enough to mash the go pedal.

The folks at Ma Mopar have been saying for months that we’ll get full details about the Satanic tire-slayer after its debut at the New York International Auto Show. And to be honest, we’d be pretty surprised if we even have to wait that long, given that programs producing beasts like this are generally leakier than colanders.

Of course, we already have plenty of sexy little details about the Dodge Demon. For example, the designers were so obsessed with lowering weight that a passenger seat is an option, and if the rumors are true, we could be looking at power figures approaching four digits — meaning it could have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 ponies on tap. Seriously, what a time to be alive!

And while the latest bit of info Dodge has let slide about this street-legal, drag-strip terror has nothing to do with performance, it’s nevertheless pretty cool. Because along with a straight-up crazy powertrain, buyers will also get a pretty killer suite of Demon-branded Snap On tools.

Now, it’s safe to say that most buyers will never even bother to crack open the tools which come with their new vehicles. But it’s safe to say that Dodge Demon buyers aren’t exactly your standard consumers, so they’ll get a pretty beefy tool kit including a hydraulic floor jack, a cordless impact wrench with charger, a torque wrench, a tire-pressure gauge, a fender cover, and
a tool bag.

Snap On is known for professional-grade hardware, and these bits should make it easy for Demon owners to swap out their front tires for the kind of pizza cutter-style wheels popular in drag racing circles. Check out the pictures for some glamour shots of the trick tools, and stay tuned for news about the forthcoming Dodge Demon!

Of course, if you’re interested in one of these babies, we’d recommend getting over to your AutoNation Dodge dealer now and getting on a wait list — these are sure to exit dealer lots like bats out of… you get the picture.

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