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Here Are the Best Ways to Defrost Your Car Faster

We did a little digging on the best ways to defrost your car faster, we just have to say, we’re impressed with the ingenious tips we found out there! So pick the one that you like best, give it a shot, and spread the word! No reason to keep tips like these a secret, because after all, if everyone can see, everyone is safer on the road!

Alcohol? Yup, Alcohol!
Nope, not that kind of alcohol you’d bring to a holiday party! What you want to do is get the rubbing alcohol you buy at the pharmacy for a couple bucks. Then mix two parts rubbing alcohol with one part water, put the defogging mixture into a spray bottle, spray on your windshield, and presto! Your windshield is clear.

Tip: Don’t like alcohol? You can also get the desired effect with vinegar. Surely this is one of the purest ways to defrost your car faster.

Remove Heat to Equalize the Temperature Inside and Out
If you want to defrost your car faster, turn on your car’s defroster without heat. To make the temperature inside your car plummet fast, let in some air from outside too. You’ll have extreme visibility shortly after doing this, because condensation forms inside the cabin due to the difference between the temperature inside and outside.

Tip: Get crazy—put on the AC at the same time to defrost your car at warp speed.

Break Out the Kitty Litter
Fill a sock with kitty litter and keep it near your windshield over night. This will take the moisture from the air, and leave less to cling to your windshield in the morning. Seriously, how simple is that?

Tip: Don’t let Fluffy see!

See how easy keeping your windshield clear can be? And you’ll feel so crafty when you’re able to keep your windows in good shape all winter long! Of course, it goes without saying that your friends will be happy to be in your car, and your ocular precision will become the stuff of legend.

Once they see the results, they may not even chide you for the mysterious socks filled with kitty litter or bottles of rubbing alcohol rolling around!

If these tricks don’t work on your car, don’t suffer cloudy windows all winter! Because it may be time to bring your car in to your local AutoNation to get your defrost system checked out. The pro techs there will guide you toward pain-free solutions so you can drive to all of your winter shenanigans safely!

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