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Mazda’s New Vehicle Dynamics System

Mazda has announced a new vehicle dynamic system called the SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS series to enhance vehicle motion control. While the new technologies won’t be on the market until the upcoming 2017 Mazda6, they will help make the roads a safer place when they do become widely available. As part of Mazda’s SkyActive technologies, the new vehicle dynamics system is integrated with the transmission, chassis, and engine to bring out the best performance the car can deliver. Using Mazda’s Jinba Ittai – car and driver as one – philosophy, they’ve developed…

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Report: Toyota could use Mazda’s new SkyActiv engines

AutomotiveNews reports that Toyota could be joining forces with Mazda to use Mazda’s fuel-efficient SkyActic engines for the next Yaris replacement. The next generation subcompact model will be built under contract by Mazda at their new factory in Mexico. Mazda’s CEO, Keishi Egawa, recently told AN that Toyota is mainly responsible for the exterior and interior design with production beginning in April of 2015. Though specifics as to how much part and platform sharing between the Toyota Yaris and Mazda will be occurring has not been yet released. This tie-up will allow…

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