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2018 Lexus LC500h Test Drive Review

Every couple of years, there comes a car from a manufacturer that highlights the latest innovations and technologies that will ultimately make their way to the rest of their lineup. These cars are usually extreme supercars with a price tag of more than a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The LFA was that car for Lexus. When Lexus discontinued the LFA in December 2012, we were left wondering what the brand will follow up with next. After all the rumors and speculation, we finally know. Meet the Lexus LC. And…

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5 Premiere Vehicles Announced at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Since 1905, Switzerland has been home to one of the most premiere vehicle shows in the world, the Geneva Motor Show, which ended last week. On Mar. 3, we waited with baited breath to see the announcements of these five upcoming cars.   Jaguar F-Type SVR Another British big-wig is bringing their next in line to the throne. Jaguar will be unveiling their F-Type SVR at the Geneva Motor Show. This juggernaut will get four-wheel drive, 597-horsepower, an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and the capability to do 200 mph.   Aston Martin DB11…

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