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2017 Honda Pilot Test Drive Review

Honda’s current lineup might be its broadest ever, but the brand’s ace in the hole is its family-friendly trio of American-made vehicles: the Ridgeline pickup, Odyssey minivan and Pilot crossover. Each model offers an innovate solution in its respective market, but it’s the Pilot that is tasked with competing in the ultra-competitive three-row CUV segment that includes the Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander and Mazda CX-9 The third-gen Pilot debuted for the 2016 model year, and with the exception of minor packaging changes on lower trim levels, it carries over untouched…

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Cadillac CUE Apple CarPlay Automotive News Head to Heads & Advice 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connected Cars

Social connectivity is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. However, social media has also been a source of major distractions for those behind the steering wheel of a car. With that in mind, automakers have been doing all they can to make their cars more socially connected, but are doing it in the safest way possible. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have also integrated their operating systems into vehicles, allowing users to have limited access some of the apps on their smartphones with a voice control feature. Overall, automotive…

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2015 Chevrolet Trax Review Automotive News Head to Heads & Advice 

Which Subcompact Crossover Is the Best for You?

Crossovers, in general, seem to be taking over the world, and the subcompact crossover segment is heating up as well with newcomers like the Honda HR-V and the Jeep Renegade. However, there are many other options to consider. With that in mind, we decided to take a closer look at the segment and help you figure out which subcompact crossover best fits your wants and needs. Let’s take a look. Honda HR-V: The Honda HR-V is one of the latest offerings to the subcompact crossover segment. Offered by one of…

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1976 Honda Accord Automotive News 

Happy Birthday – The Honda Accord Turned 40!

  Wrap your brain around this – the Honda Accord turned 40 this summer! That’s right, and look how she’s matured since birth year 1976! Just for perspective, a few cool things happened in 1976: it was USA’s bicentennial year (that’s 200 years old!) and the year Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple; in Canada, the CN Tower was completed; and in the UK the first commercial Concorde flight was a success. Gas cost 59 cents a gallon and an average apartment rental cost $220/per month. What’s in a…

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Automotive News 

Honda Clarity Lineup Expanded

Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell is going to be joined by two other Clarity-named alternative energy vehicles, the Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, making it the first vehicle platform to offer all three of these alternative power sources. The Clarity Fuel Cell will be available in dealerships in various states across the US starting in 2016, the all-electric will launch in 2017, and the plug-in hybrid will be available later in 2017 in all states. Clarity’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies will go more than 300 miles on a single fill…

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