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From ABS to TCS: Do You Know Your Automotive Acronyms?

If you’re looking at purchasing or leasing any modern car or truck, you’ve likely come across a number of acronyms that describe various safety and technology features. Some are manufacturer-specific, but a number are used throughout the industry. Acronyms like ABS, ESC, and TCS are commonly thrown out by new vehicle manufacturers in advertisements and on Monroney stickers. And with automotive safety and vehicle technology continuing to advance, the number of acronyms being added to the automotive vernacular is relentlessly expanding. Take our quiz to find out if you know…

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You Can Buy This Brand-New Car With Bluetooth For Less Than $12,000 (MSRP)

Fourteen states currently ban using your cell phone while driving, and there’s no reason to think more states won’t follow suit in the future. Besides possibly being in legal hot water, talking on your cell phone while driving is both a mental and physical distraction. Although the mental distraction may not be easily solved, there is an easy solution to the physical distraction of talking on the phone while driving: Bluetooth hands-free phone technology. Thanks to the power of Bluetooth, drivers can keep both hands on the wheel while engaging…

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