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HoloActive Touch Brings Hologram Tech to BMW

February 17, 2017 |

There’s been plenty of crazy trick technology making its way into vehicles of late, and BMW‘s HoloActive Touch is among the wildest we’ve seen.

Now, first off, it should be clear that HoloActive Touch won’t likely be seen in BMW showrooms anytime … Read More

From ABS to TCS: Do You Know Your Automotive Acronyms?

October 23, 2015 |

If you’re looking at purchasing or leasing any modern car or truck, you’ve likely come across a number of acronyms that describe various safety and technology features. Some are manufacturer-specific, but a number are used throughout the industry.

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You Can Buy This Brand-New Car With Bluetooth For Less Than $12,000 (MSRP)

October 13, 2015 |

Fourteen states currently ban using your cell phone while driving, and there’s no reason to think more states won’t follow suit in the future. Besides possibly being in legal hot water, talking on your cell phone while driving … Read More