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HoloActive Touch Brings Hologram Tech to BMW

February 17, 2017 |

There’s been plenty of crazy trick technology making its way into vehicles of late, and BMW‘s HoloActive Touch is among the wildest we’ve seen.

Now, first off, it should be clear that HoloActive Touch won’t likely be seen in BMW showrooms anytime … Read More

Head to Head: 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe vs. 2017 BMW X4

February 14, 2017 |

BMW is well known for its sloping roofline X6 crossover. The model, which was first met with some criticism, has now amassed a cult-like following and has become one of the most popular vehicles from the brand. With the … Read More

Intel is Making a Huge Play Into Self-Driving Cars

January 11, 2017 |

When the first commercially available self-driving car appears, it won’t have just materialized from the ether. Far from it.

Rather, it’ll be the result of years of evolutionary technology which engineers eventually unite into a collective, autonomous whole, and it’s … Read More

Here is the New 2017 BMW 5 Series

December 23, 2016 |

The luxury sport sedan segment is starting to heat up with new generations of each model starting to roll in. First out of the gate was the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class and now BMW has dropped the seventh-generation of its … Read More

BMW X2 Concept Debuts to Fill Out BMW’s X Lineup

November 28, 2016 |

BMW is filling in all the X’s in its lineup. With the BMW X1, X3, X4, X5, X6 already on the roads and the X7 in the works, there was only one X left – the BMW X2. Well, BMW … Read More