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The Subaru BRZ tS is Coming, But it Won’t Have a Turbo

Since the debut of the Subaru BRZ — and its Toyota doppelganger, the 86 — enthusiasts have been asking for one thing: More power. And with the announcement that Subaru will be bringing its track-tuned BRZ tS to the States? Well, we’re still waiting.

A turbo version of the car just doesn’t seem to be in the works.

More details are coming, but for now, we know the new trim level will include Brembo brakes, some trick aero bits, and STI wheels shod with super-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport tires. All in all, the package makes the BRZ tS pretty similar to a 500-edition model which went on sale in Japan back in 2013, and it should make for some dramatic handling improvements.

Just the addition of the Pilot Sport tires should prove a revelation for anyone who’s only experienced the car on stock rubber.

But back to the power. Both the BRZ and its Toyota twin use a 2.0-liter version of Subaru’s boxer engine which produces around 200 horsepower. Given that the car tips the scales at around 2900 pounds, that’s not really enough poke to turn it into a rocket ship — but make no mistake, the BRZ isn’t slow. It’s a momentum car, and rewards drivers who can wield it with precision. It’s also not so high strung that novices have to worry about suddenly snap oversteering. In other words, it’s a perfect entry-level sports car — think of the BRZ as a Mazda MX-5 with a roof.

Given the prevalence of turbocharged cars on the market today, we’re a little surprised we haven’t see a forced-induction version of the twins yet. Especially since Subaru has utilized it extensively on its STI cars. We suspect that bean counters and the dreaded “business case” have something to do with that.

But if you’re looking for an engaging, affordable,  relatively practical sports car? Let’s just say you could do worse than BRZ. One test drive at your local AutoNation dealer should be more than enough to convince you.

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