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Report: Alfa Romeo will birth seven new models by 2018

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Rendering – Photo Source

Word via AutomotiveNews reports that Alfa Romeo’s future plans through the year 2018 are fairly ambiguous when compared to the company’s current and slightly limited lineup. According to the report, Fiat has instructed Alfa to build seven new models by 2018.

So far, one of those models is a convertible version of the recent Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe, which is due on our shores within the next year or so. The 4C is also Alfa’s first model to triumphantly kick off the brand’s reintroduction into the US market as a mass automaker. After the 4C, a BMW 5-Series as well as a new Spider. The Spider is slated to come next in 2016, sharing the same platform as the next-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Following that, a Giulia sedan and wagon are expected (to compete against the 5-Series, supposedly), after that an Alfetta model is slated for revival. For those unfamiliar with Alfa Romeo’s grandiose past, the Giulia was once infamous in motorsports while the Alfetta is much better known as the GTV6 (James Bond fans would note that the GTV6 was the car under the spotlight for James Bond in Octopussy).

Alfa Romeo “Alfetta” GTV6 in James Bond’s film, Octopussy

Alfa Romeo in James Bond Octopussy

To ensure the brand stays competitive, Alfa is rumored to be in the works with a crossover due in 2017 with a larger SUV in 2018. All the new models are to be built on Fiat’s latest rear-wheel/all-wheel-drive architecture, codenamed Giorgio. Official details will be announced on May 6 of this year. So stay tuned.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews

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