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New Clue Suggests Ram is Planning a Hellcat Pickup

Ram just revealed the new 1500 pickup at the Detroit Auto show last week, but there’s already speculation that an ultra-hot version is in the works. And while speculation is just speculation, the idea that Ma Mopar is readying a Hellcat pickup seems like a good bet. After all, the ferocious 707-horsepower mill is already seeing service in the Charger, Challenger, and Jeep Grand Cherokee platforms, so it seems only natural that buyers will soon be able to opt for all that tire-slaying power in a pickup too.

Now, it’s important to note that the thing which got everyone’s tongues wagging is fairly cryptic. As when they were looking through the press images for the new Ram 1500’s infotainment screen, our friends over at Allpar noticed that the time was set to 7:07—which is either a strange coincidence or obvious Easter egg. Because Dodge did something similar—the radio was tuned to ’70s on 7—in the initial images of the refreshed Challenger back in 2014, just before the company dropped news that the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was on the way.

Hellcat Pickup

So we’d bet there’s a good chance history is going to repeat itself. At this point, the bigger question is exactly what the Hellcat pickup will be built for. Will it be a street machine, like the Jeep Trackhawk, or an off-road beast aimed squarely at Ford’s Raptor? Gazing into AutoNation Drive’s precision-tuned Magic 8-Ball, we’d suspect it’ll actually go after the Blue Oval’s trophy truck, as FCA’s engineers have already built a concept—dubbed the Ram Rebel TRX—that did exactly that.  Right now, Ford basically has the desert warrior segment all to itself, and while the Raptor’s twin-turbo, 450-horsepower V-6 certainly isn’t anything to sneeze at, it pales in comparison to the 707 ponies we’re likely to see under the hood of a Hellcat pickup.

One thing that’s for certain? If this baby becomes a reality, your local AutoNation Ram dealer is likely to sell most of them before the production line even starts pumping them out. Check out the video below for details on the TRX concept, and stay tuned for more Hellcat news.

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