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Ice Ballet: Porsche GT2 RS and Rally 911 Play in St. Moritz

Most of the time, when you see a Porsche GT2 RS or a vintage rally-prepped 911, they’re squeaky-clean — and they might even be behind velvet ropes. But these machines were never meant to sit still or stay clean. In our opinion, high performance cars look better when they’re covered with bugs, road grime, shed tires, or in this case, snow.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no real point to the this exercise. After all, there are plenty of other vehicles which could happily town skiers around a frozen lake in St. Moritz. Few vehicles would look as wicked as these Porsches do, however, and that’s why this clip is as compelling as it is. And for the record? We’d sure prefer watching this pair than seeing horses do it. Because yup, some people think horses should race on ice. No words there.

Anyway, while getting your hands on either of the cars in this clip might be tricky, your local AutoNation-affiliated Porsche dealer will be happy to show you around the Stuttgart’s current lineup. So if you’ve ever wanted to experience the iconic company’s performance for yourself, don’t delay. You wouldn’t want to miss the snow, would you?

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