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Volvo’s Polestar Hybrid Performance Coupe Will Drop October 17th

Back in June, Volvo Cars made waves when it announced its standalone performance brand would be going all hybrid. And this month, we’ll get out first look at Polestar’s hybrid performance coupe.

Since being sold to Chinese giant Geely in 2010, Volvo has released some of the most beautiful, refined cars in its history, and has steadily evolved from its niche status into a more prominent player in upper-end luxury segment. Models like the sporty V60 wagon and the stately XC90 SUV have spurred record sales in 2017 — and the marque has shown no signs of becoming complacent.

Truth be told, we had our hopes that the forthcoming performance electric coupe would take its styling from the P1800s of the 1960s and ’70s, as both the two-door and shooting break models remain some of our favorite cars from Volvo. But given the forward thinking nature of the vehicle, it makes sense that designers might have wanted to leave any overtly retro elements on the drawing board.

Right now, industry observers are inclined to think that the Concept Coupe — revealed in Frankfurt for the 2013 motor show — will serve as inspiration for the Polestar. While no details have been confirmed about what’s going to motivate the sporty little machine, rumors have suggested it will be, to put it mildly, far from under powered. Like the Concept Coupe, the Polestar car will be a plug-in hybrid, and feature a traditional gas four-cylinder. All told, we may be looking as much as 600-horsepower, which means it’ll likely launch like a scalded cat when drivers bury the hammer. And if we had to bet? We’d say it will likely send the power to all-four wheels, using a modified version of the all-wheel drive system currently seeing service on its crossovers.

Our friends at Autocar in the UK have assembled the image above from some teaser posts Polestar’s marketing team has been posting on Instagram. It definitely leaves plenty to the imagination, but we can see enough sheet metal to know we’re excited. More info when we have it.

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