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OnStar Features and Services

OnStar was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of General Motors and has been providing subscription-based services to millions of customers since late 1996. Since then, OnStar has grown their services and their consumer base, too.

OnStar Vehicles

OnStar is more than just a system to call emergency services in the case of an accident, it also provides stolen vehicle assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, 4G LTE WiFi in cars that are capable of it, and more, but let’s break it down a little further.


Emergency Services

cq5dam.web.1280.1280 (1)In the event of an accident, OnStar will activate Automatic Crash Response and, based off data from vehicle sensors, will predict the severity of your injuries. If the system deems the crash serious enough, an OnStar representative will call you to assist in getting first responders out to your accident.

There’s also an SOS button. Press it and you can be immediately connected to a trained OnStar emergency advisor who can assist you in requesting police, fire, or medical response, report an accident, or even request help for other stranded drivers. During weather events or disasters, OnStar advisors can even help you find escape routes or find other resources during hurricanes, power outages, and more.


Security Assistance

securityBeing connected to your car, OnStar isn’t just to help you in emergencies, it’s also a proactive tool to keep your property safe. In the event that your OnStar-equipped vehicle is stolen, simply notify an OnStar representative and they will remotely block the ignition. If the car is off, when the thief tries to restart your car they won’t be going anywhere as the ignition won’t work.

If your car is in motion, OnStar will automatically signal your car to start slowing down. This works in conjunction with police recovery, too. OnStar will notify authorities that they have found your stolen vehicle and, once police have deemed the area is safe, then OnStar will send a signal to your vehicle to have it slow down.

One of the newest features to OnStar’s security features includes Theft Alarm Notification. When your doors are locked and your alarm sounds, OnStar will send you a text, email, or phone call to notify you that your vehicle’s alarm is going off.



1440766303107When you press the OnStar button, you already know you’re about to be greeted by a friendly OnStar Advisor, but did you know that they can help you get turn-by-turn directions?

Simply tell the advisor where you’d like to go and they can find the quickest route to your destination or one of more than 14 million points of interest. The directions will then be downloaded to your car’s navigation system. Plan your trips ahead of time using MapQuest.com and then send the directions to your vehicle. You can use your vehicle’s voice commands to bring up the navigation and start the directions to start you on your way!



OnStar-RemoteLink-Windows-01-mediumYour OnStar-enabled vehicle can send all sorts of information to you via the OnStar RemoteLink app, featuring OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics reports emailed to you each month including a thorough check of your vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes and more. If your car senses it needs an oil change, it will inform your local dealership who will call you to schedule your next service appointment!

Coming soon, you’ll also get Diagnostic Alerts, which will allow you to check the same reported information, but in real time!



OnStar offers in-car WiFi Hotspost in their subscription service plans. These hotspots can connect your laptop, tablet, or mobile device to the internet. Not just about internet connectivity, OnStar also enables your car for voice commands and hands-free calling, remote unlocking services, Family Link map tracking services, and more!


Did you know that your brand new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac comes with an OnStar trial? Your new GM vehicle comes with a 5-year OnStar Basic Plan, including RemoteLink key fob, vehicle diagnostics monthly email, and dealer maintenance notifications. You’ll also get a 6-month free Directions and Connections plan trial, and a 3-month 3GB 4G LTE data trial plan!

If you’re interested in having OnStar in your vehicle, then please call or visit your local AutoNation Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac dealership today!

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