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Official: Land Rover Discovery Sport enters last phase of research and development w/ video

Land Rover officially announced to be almost done with the development and research of its next generation Discovery Sport, the successor to the current Discovery 4/LR4 mid-size offering.

According to the release, the new Discovery is to debut in the near future as a 2015 model. So far, Land Rover boasts over 750,000 miles of hard testing for Discovery Sport prototypes in some of the harshest conditions and climates around the world. A grand total of 181 prototypes were built with over 11,000 different tests. It may sound like overkill, but Land Rovers are meant to take you through the roughest parts of the world in relative ease.

Such testing includes subjecting the prototypes to -32.8 degree Fahrenheit temperatures as well as fording the SUVs through 23.6 inches of water.

Check out the release statement and video below.





Land Rover and Virgin Galactic Provide Unique Insight Into Test and Development Programmes

  • Partners Land Rover and Virgin Galactic make progress in the world of testing and development of new vehicles – on land and in space
  • New Discovery Sport entering final development phase, with prototype fleets testing globally
  • Land Rover is the first global partner of pioneering commercial spaceline Virgin Galactic

Global partners in adventure, innovation and exploration, Land Rover and Virgin Galactic, have opened the doors on the world of prototype testing and development. For the first time both brands compare the parallels and complexities behind the test and development of a new vehicle. Both Land Rover and Virgin Galactic have used their partnership to share values and experiences that have steered each brand to develop cutting edge technologies for both land and space.

The pioneering partnership, announced in April this year, has continued to make strides through Land Rover’s continued development of the new Discovery Sport vehicle while Virgin Galactic moves closer to the launch of the world’s first spaceline.

As the new Discovery Sport enters its final testing phase, Land Rover and Virgin Galactic, which continues its flight test and engineering programs ahead of the launch of its commercial spaceflight programme, are giving a glimpse of what goes into their test and development programmes.

Murray Dietsch, Programme Director, Land Rover, said: “There is a common philosophy towards engineering between Land Rover and our partners Virgin Galactic. We start with an idea and build from there, spending years refining a design and completing virtual testing before the first prototypes see the tarmac. As our partnership with Virgin Galactic develops, it will be fascinating to get closer to their team and explore common areas of engineering and expertise.

“Discovery Sport prototypes have covered approximately 750,000 miles during the testing phase, in some of the world’s harshest and most challenging terrains and climates. A total of 181 prototype vehicles were built, completing over 11,000 tests over their lifetimes around the globe, ensuring total confidence in the robustness of build and design of the vehicles.”

“As we look to launching the world’s first spaceline, Virgin Galactic continues to push boundaries and develop pioneering new innovations that bring to life our vision,” said George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic. “In engineering and design, like Land Rover, our focus is on precision, ingenuity, and unparalleled design.”

Note to editors:

  • Land Rover Discovery Sport prototypes have covered approximately 750k test miles during the testing and development phase for the vehicle
  • The vehicle was tested to water depths of 600mm
  • The vehicle was tested to temperatures of -36° to 42 °
  • A total of 11,720 tests were carried out on the vehicle
  • The car was tested to inclines of 40 degrees and declines of 45 degrees

Land Rover and Virgin Galactic Partnership
Land Rover and Virgin Galactic announced a global partnership in April 2014 against the backdrop of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, the world’s first commercial passenger-carrying spacecraft, and Land Rover’s new Discovery Vision Concept vehicle. The partnership demonstrates a shared vision of pioneering spirit, technological innovation and sense of adventure, and illustrates a desire to push the boundaries of travel for the next generation.
Land Rover and Virgin Galactic are working together to share engineering and design expertise for the benefit of research and development, potential future design collaborations, exclusive projects and dual brand immersive experiences for consumers. Both brands have a shared dedication to inspire the youth of today into engineering, science and technology careers that will continue to change how we define travel in the future.


– By: Chris Chin

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