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New Volkswagen Arteon Set to Hit Showrooms in 2018

While we aren’t exactly sold on the color seen in these press shots, there’s lots to like about the new Volkswagen Arteon, and buyers will undoubtedly be able to choose from plenty of more flattering colors when it arrives in showrooms next year. We promise.

The first thing we noticed about Arteon was the rear flank’s resemblance to the Audi A7. Because while we’re nonplussed by the whole four-door coupe designation so popular these days, it’s impossible to argue that the Audi’s beautifully sculpted hindquarters are anything but an artistic triumph. So VW’s designers were smart to take a page from the company’s upmarket corporate cousin when penning the Arteon’s lines. Because while it might detract slightly from rear-seat headroom, we’re more than willing to sacrifice a couple of inches in service of such a spectacular profile.

Volkswagen Arteon

Fortunately, the Arteon is also interesting up front. We particularly like the way the standard LED headlights blend seamlessly into the grille, as it gives the big VW a decidedly high-end feel. Recent models from the folks that brought us the People’s Car have been handsome, but a little staid, and with its broad, chrome-accented grille and prominent air vents, staid is an adjective which can’t really be applied to the Arteon. That’s a good thing.

Globally, there will be six engine choices available, but most of them won’t come to Stateside. We expect most Arteons sold on our shores will come with the 2.0-liter, 276-horsepower four-cylinder mated to a trick seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. We know that a proper manual will be available overseas, but given Americans’ continually declining interest in cars with a third pedal, we wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t make the trip across the pond. Both front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions will be available.

Along with the sexy new lines, the Arteon will also come with some trick new tech, including an updated adaptive cruise, headlights which direct light around corners, and a safety feature that can sense if the driver has become incapacitated and bring the car to a halt.

When the Arteon arrives at your local AutoNation dealer, there’s a good chance it’ll be called the CC, like the company’s current largest sedan. But regardless of what this VW winds up being branded, it’s worth a look.

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