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New Maybach Headlights: Ultimate Heads-Up Display?

The Maybach line is the ultimate in luxury from Mercedes-Benz, and the vehicles are a world above, say, even the Exclusive Edition recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. But along with interiors which resemble private jets more than anything generally seen in terrestrial transportation, the tech is also pretty bonkers. And for an example, you need look no further than the new Maybach headlights.

Maybach calls it Digital Light, and essentially the system transforms the actual road surface into a heads-up display.

That’s right, instead of just projecting info onto the vehicle’s windshield, it’s out there for everyone to see — even if their car doesn’t cost as much as a house. As you’d expect, it’s geared primarily toward safety, and tuned to alert Maybach owners, or more likely, their chauffeurs, to road hazards like construction, stalled vehicles, or snow and ice. It’s trick stuff, too be sure, and in the press images, the projections look extremely clear, as if the demonstrating uber-sedan is just Photoshopping the environment at will. Out in the wild, this is sure to look surreal.

Of course, it’s not the only capability Digital Light has. The system will also be able to allow the lights to coordinate with all the vehicle’s other systems, and constantly tune the beams for optimum visibility. We’ve clearly come a long way since the best option we had for seeing at night was blinding everyone in a three-mile radius with zillion-candlepower suns. That said, we have to wonder about how useful Digital Light will actually be, in comparison to a traditional heads-up display.

Perhaps the fact that alerts are actually on the road will allow other drivers to take advantage of the Maybach’s eagle eyes, and see pedestrians or cyclists called out as elements to avoid. Though it might be weird at first, we can see that being a way to highlight the fact that our roads are a cooperative endeavor, which is a great thing. If you’re as curious as we are about this new tech, we’re sure the folks at your local AutoNation-affiliated Mercedes-Benz dealer would be happy to give a demo.

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