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New Genesis Sports Car Will Have Two Seats, Hybrid Drive

Right now, the Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing. And while the annual gathering in Las Vegas used to be all about gadgets and gizmos, in recent years, more and more automakers—like Toyota—have been coming to the party.

Because today’s vehicles are more advanced than ever, and with drivers looking for integration with all of the devices they’ve come to depend on, it only makes sense that we’re seeing significant overlap between the tech and transportation industries. That said, this bit of news has nothing to do with infotainment, and everything to do with performance—because Hyundai just announced it’s going to build a proper two-seat sports car.

According to Hyundai design VP Luc Donkerwolke and R&D head Woong-chul Yang, who broke the news in comments to Australia’s Wheels Magazine, the car will unsurprisingly be badged as a Genesis. Obviously, details are scarce at this point, but Donkerwolke didn’t mince any words in reference to the project, saying “We are definitely doing it.” And from the level of talent involved, it sounds like it should be a special machine indeed.

Genesis Sports Car

Donkerwolke designed the original Lamborghini Gallardo, and other high-octane luminaries like ex-Bugatti stylist Alexander Selipanov and Albert Biermann—formerly of BMW’s M division—are also involved, so we have high hopes. While we’d obviously like to see the group go completely bonkers and put the company’s well-received Tau V-8 at the heart of the beast, in reality, it’ll utilize something smaller, and have its power magnified by electric motors.

Regardless, the forthcoming project from Hyundai’s nascent N performance division will be pretty quick.

No timetable was given for the unnamed car at this point, and we honestly have no real idea what to expect in regards to how it’ll look. But we think the PassoCorto concept revealed back in 2014 would be a great start. In the meantime, you can always head to your local AutoNation Hyundai dealer to check out some of the automaker’s latest luxury offerings.

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