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NASCAR in the House: Toyota at SEMA 2017

When it comes to build quality, features, and overall durability, Toyota has long been an industry leader. In fact, it’s not unusual to see the company’s cars crest the 200,000-mile mark having undergone just scheduled maintenance. And while mainstream consumers have flocked to showrooms and bought vehicles like the  Camry, Corolla, and Tacoma in droves, enthusiasts often derided the brand as functional, but uninspired.

In recent years, however,  President Akio Toyoda has been leading the charge to shake off that image—and the work has paid incredible dividends. Here are some of our favorite shots of Toyota at SEMA 2017!

The anchor for this year’s booth was the Camry Toyota fields in NASCAR, and it featured models commissioned by series luminaries like 2015 champion Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., and  Denny Hamlin. To round things out, there was also a version from racing commentator, former Top Gear America host, and all-around good dude Rutledge Wood. And the cars looked great. While we realize some folks think it looks like primer—and more savvy observers might say it looks like 2008—we love a good matte finish, so we thought Truex Jr.’s car stealth-finish example was great, and really showed off the current Camry’s decidedly aggressive lines.

That said, we also loved the custom “Burple” color Wood chose for his project. And while it was mixed up especially for this car, we’d recommend anyone particularly taken with it to check out the Ultrasonic Blue Mica from Lexus. While it’s far from an exact match, the factory option pops and harnesses light in the same way, and the blue hue is among our favorite colors currently available. But the wildest paint job on display was unquestionably the C-HR Beat Box, which was sprayed in a killer color-shifting finish which we’d like to see more of.

Head to your local AutoNation Toyota dealer to check out the latest Camry, and until then, enjoy the photos from Toyota at SEMA 2017!

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