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What’s Not to Love About the New Lincoln Navigator

The full-size SUV is back and in business. Taking full advantage of this is Lincoln, who wisely took this opportunity to redesign the Navigator, after a decade. The spiffed-up Lincoln Navigator is said to have 75 new features, which about catches them up, and then some.

If the Lincoln Navigator was a state it would be Texas, where everything is bigger. Accordingly, the small details of the Navigator are actually big, and a Big Picture look at the Navigator—off the charts. Bold new choices include the distinct horizontal design on the dashboard that is also echoed on the seats. The trademark Lincoln grille borrows from the pleasing-to-the-eye mesh grille that made a splash for the 2016 Lincoln MKZ model.

A 10-inch infotainment screen is flanked by a 12-inch digital display cluster with which you can watch your driving stats. There is a high-end Revel sound system with added amenities like multiple listening modes that include: Stereo, Audience, and On-Stage. The only thing missing is karaoke.

The Lincoln Navigator lost 200 pounds, looking extremely fit and healthy in her new aluminum body. Her center of balance is grounded and she glides smooth and quiet, supported by 22-inch radial tires with directional turbine-themed wheels. Her power comes from the 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V6 paired with a 10-speed transmission, which makes 450 horsepower available. You can drive in four modes, depending on weather patterns and road conditions: Conserve, Slippery, Deep Conditions, and Excite!

New Lincoln Navigator Interior

The central console has generous storage below and is fashioned a la teak table, with 2 USB ports within that are convenient and easy to reach. You can work the shifter like piano keys, just like back in the day with the nostalgia of oldschool car radios. The Navigator will outshine the traffic at night with two layers of LED headlights. In the daytime, you can let the natural light in through a panoramic sunroof. You’ll want to hurry up and enjoy the Lincoln Navigator. We say set up a test-drive at your local AutoNation dealership.

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