Mid-Engine Corvette Automotive News 

Temporary Plant Closure Feeds Mid-Engine Corvette Rumor Frenzy

Most of the time, when General Motors announces a plant will go idle, it’s a story for the business pages, not the enthusiast press. But the recently announced Corvette plant closure is different. The Bowling Green, Kentucky facility has been the home of the Corvette for nearly 40 years, and along with handling production of America’s Sports Car, it’s also home to the National Corvette Museum. Fittingly, there’s also a 3.5-mile road course, where high-performance vehicles of all stripes can be pushed to their limit. And while the company line is…

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Test Drive Reviews Volkswagen 

2018 Volkswagen Atlas SEL Test Drive Review

Selling SUVs in the United States isn’t one of the most difficult things for an automaker to do. That’s completely apparent as you see all automakers jumping in on the action across the board and offering everything from a subcompact SUV to a seven passenger family hauler. However, Volkswagen has had trouble selling SUVs in the United States for as long as we can remember. For years, the automaker has been relying on the Volkswagen Touareg and the smaller Tiguan to cater to the SUV market in the United States….

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What Fuels an AutoNation Manager?

What Fuels an AutoNation Manager? What is the secret to having a peerless customer experience?…..It starts with great leadership! AutoNation is showcasing top performing Market Presidents and General Managers from coast to coast. These are individuals who consistently go above and beyond in Sales, Service, and Customer Appreciation. We have highlighted their best practices, as well as what that they may do in their stores or their markets that makes their teams so successful on a daily basis. Please click on the image below to read more on these outstanding…

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Lexus Test Drive Reviews 

2017 Lexus GS 200t Test Drive Review

In the world of luxury sedans, there is nothing worse than lacking a true rival for a competitor’s vehicle. When the 2017 Lexus GS 200t was introduced last year, it wasn’t built to lower the GS’ price or improve its efficiency (although both did happen). No, it was created for the sole purpose of giving Lexus a true apples-to-apples offering to go up against the BMW 530i, Mercedes-Benz E300, Cadillac CTS – like the GS 200t, these sedans all come with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and rear-wheel drive. Lexus has…

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First Compression Ignition Engine Automotive News 

World’s First Compression Ignition Engine Developed by Mazda

Mazda has created a first-of-its-kind internal combustion engine that is being rolled out with new models in 2019. What’s so great about this engine is efficiency. The new engine has been christened Skyactiv-X, and it’s supposed to go farther on less gas. In fact, Mazda has stated that this first compression ignition engine is going to be 20 to 30 percent more efficient than conventional engines and deliver 10 to 30 percent more torque. Skyactiv-X is being billed as the “ideal internal combustion engine,” by Kiyoshi Fujiwara who leads the…

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