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Hyundai Blue Link FAQs

What is Hyundai Blue Link®?
Hyundai Blue Link is a car care suite that keeps you safe and connected on the road for added peace of mind. It is typically available as a complementary service for the first year of enrollment with your new Hyundai.

What features and benefits can I get with Hyundai Blue Link?
You can get remote access to your car when locked out. You can also use voice dictation for search queries while driving. You get a monthly report on your car’s health. You get speeding alerts on any drivers who may be inexperienced and you get emergency roadside service.

How does Remote Access work?
Use your smartphone like a remote control when you download the MyHundai with Blue Link App. With it, you can actually start your car, from anywhere. You’ll never have to panic over leaving your keys in your car again. Just remember to not lock your smartphone in your car with your keys. You can also warm up your car or cool it down. Or, pre-select a time to have your vehicle power up using the timer.

Will Remote Access work if my car is stolen?
Yes! Even better, in the event your car is stolen, you’ll want to use Blue Link to assist law enforcement with locating and recovering your car.

How does Destination Search work?
Destination Search is powered by the Google search engine and you can voice dictate where you want to go to get detailed driving directions and other information. With Destination Search, you can find points of interest, addresses, and search by category without ever taking your eyes off the road.

What other technology is Hyundai Blue Link compatible with?
You can use Blue Link with Apple Watch™ and Android Wear™ to get the same great features and functionality as you would with your phone.

What else can I do with Blue Link?
The Automatic Collision Notification alerts operators who are standing by, in the event your car car is in an accident. You also have an SOS Emergency Notification that sends for help, with just one push of a button.

Are you ready to see Hyundai Blue Link in action? Call or visit your local Hyundai AutoNation dealership today to set up a test-drive with a compatible Hyundai model. Don’t forget your smartphone!

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