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Sign of the Times: A Hybrid Electric Jaguar Land Rover is the Future

While many enthusiasts aren’t, to put it mildly, exactly thrilled about it, the writing is on the wall: Internal combustion’s days are numbered. So Jaguar Land Rover going hybrid electric shouldn’t be terribly shocking. But what might be more surprising is the timeline, as the company recently stated that after 2020, no vehicle in its entire lineup will rely solely on a traditional powerplant. But to keep things in perspective, we feel we should say that a hybrid electric Jaguar is far from the end of the world.

For Captain Planet fans keeping score, safety-conscious Volvo has been even more aggressive, as it’s committed to being all hybrid electric in 2019, and even Maserati — historically revered for the spine-tingling wail of its gasoline engines — is slated to go completely electric. Though while FIAT Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne has hinted that will occur as soon as 2020, the somewhat protracted timeline for much of FCA’s best-laid plans makes us think it’ll be a little longer than that before we see a salacious, silent sedan sporting a trident.

Given the news about Jaguar though, we can’t help but think that cars like the 575-horsepower XJR575, and the absolutely bonkers 200-mph XE SV Project 8, were given thumbs up from sympathetic bean counters who can see the future, but still love their history.

But like we said earlier? The idea of hybrid Jaguars and Land Rovers isn’t the end of the world, at least from a performance standpoint. After all, every manufacturer’s hypercar — think Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918, McLaren P1 — is running on a marriage of traditional combustion and electric power, and none of the heavyweights just did it to make the folks at Greenpeace less grumpy. As far as lap times go, the potential for lower lap times and scary-quick acceleration is real.

Of course, fans of Jaguar’s styling should look no further than the dead-hot I-PACE to see the design team will pull no punches when it comes to sleek sheet metal. So next time you’re at your local AutoNation-affiliated dealer, just think that along with all that luxurious leather and cabin appointments, you also have lower mpgs to look forward to.

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