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How to Prepare for Unplanned Auto Repairs

The last thing any of us want are unplanned auto repairs, yet they persist. In a perfect world we would never have to encounter such a financial burden, but alas, we’re far from perfect. One thing we can do is plan for the inevitable.

Apparently we’re not hard-wired to preemptively save for emergency auto repairs. A study done recently by AAA reports one-third of Americans could not afford to pay for an unanticipated repair of $500 or greater*. If you can relate and your anxiety is real enough to warrant action, here are a few ways to prepare for unplanned auto repairs.

Monthly unplanned auto repairs fund
Admittedly, setting aside cash each month to pay for holiday gifts is much more joyful than it is to pay for auto repair, but the joy you will have when your life is not disrupted by being car-less is … priceless.

It is recommended by some to sock away $50 each month. We think there is wiggle room with the actual number you put away. For instance … common sense. If you have a new car still under warranty, you can do nothing. But if you want to keep your car beyond its warranty, then that means it will have some mileage on it. You can probably get away with setting aside $25-$50 each month. If your car is in the six-digit mileage mark, you probably want to set aside the full amount.

Preventative maintenance
You know the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” This maxim is especially true when it comes to cars. This is why your manufacturer provides you with a schedule of recommended maintenance. When you hit certain mileage markers, you should consistently bring your car in for service on such maintenance as oil changes, fluid flushes, tire rotations, brake replacement, and more. AAA recommends you also find the auto repair and service technicians you trust and get their contact information handy, in advance. You can even contact them and talk to them about the types of service they provide, their hours, what kind of parts they use, and more.

Follow these steps and we can’t promise you won’t ever have an unplanned auto repair, but we can promise you the peace of mind that comes with knowing taking care of it will be seamless and painless—on you and your wallet.

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*Source: AAA

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