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How to Drive Stick, According to Honda: Video

For many enthusiasts, driving stick is one of life’s great joys. And for most of automotive history, if you wanted to drive the coolest cars on the planet, it was a necessary skill. Unfortunately, it’s also a dying art, as buyers have increasingly gravitated toward more user-friendly automatics, and high-end manufacturers — think Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini — have ditched manual transmissions in favor of far-faster dual-clutch units.

That said, Honda still makes loads of vehicles available with a stick, like the fantastic little Civic Hatchback Sport we tested last year, and now, the company has even made a video about how to drive a stick!

Overall, this video does a great job of covering the basics. And while you should — obviously, people — still have someone knowledgeable in the car with you when you take your first stab at stick, it does a great job of covering all the basics. Perhaps most importantly, it’ll take some of the mystery out of the process, so it would be great to watch before you get behind the wheel.

Check it out, then take a look at some of the awesome stick shift cars available at your local AutoNation dealer!

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