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How Mercedes-Benz mbrace Keeps You Safe

It’s nice to know auto manufacturers are looking out for our safety on the roads. Mercedes-Benz is no exception to the rule. Their connected services platform, mbrace®, comes with all new models. In fact, the base package, mbrace Connect, comes standard for five years.

How does mbrace work?
The way it works is through the Mercedes me app. Simply download the app to your smartphone and instantly begin using it. Some of the things you can do with mbrace Connect include:

  • Access your vehicle remotely (from your phone or computer)
  • Lock or unlock your vehicle
  • Locate and track your vehicle
  • Sound horn and flash lights
  • Send a new address to navigation, or Send2Benz
  • Connect with Roadside Assistance
  • Send diagnostic data to your dealer
  • Access helpful apps like local search

You can also log into the app to review your important documents including maintenance info and financial documents with Mercedes-Benz mbrace Connect. If you should ever lose track of where you parked your car in a large crowded parking lot, being able to sound your horn and flash your lights can save you time and aggravation. If you still can’t find it, mbrace also has a vehicle finder that will let you route your car’s location from a map on your smartphone. Should your car be stolen, this feature can be a lifesaver. Similarly, if you leave your car with a valet, you can set a boundary on your smartphone and receive an alert if the car is moved outside the perimeter with Valet Protect.

Helpful information like finding points of interests and gas stations is within easy reach. You can also access traffic data to gauge alternate routes during rush hours. Aside from this you can access local search, news, and global financial information with Morningstar® and more.

About mbrace Secure
The mbrace® Secure package is an available option with new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This ultimate safety package brings another layer of security for added peace of mind. It’s a great opportunity in taking a proactive stance in the event you are in an accident or if your car is stolen. With it, you get:

  • Automatic collision and alarm notifications
  • Emergency calling
  • Safe Ride service if you cannot drive
  • Crisis Assist in the event of a disaster

With mbrace® Concierge you’re tapping into your own personal assistant who can assist you with your travel arrangements, dinner reservations and event tickets. The mbrace® Entertainment package is perfect for music and entertainment fans who seek variety in stations, playlists and podcasts. It comes with iHeart Radio and in-vehicle WiFi hotspots, among others.

If you want to see Mercedes-Benz mbrace in action, a good way to do this is to set up a test drive with your favorite Mercedes-Benz model at your local AutoNation-affiliated dealership.

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