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How To Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Don’t be a victim to the frozen tundra this winter. How to prepare? First break out the box of thermal underwear and scarves and gloves, then get ready for battle. Actually, it’s not really a battle—it’s a war. On winter. And it starts with your car. Here is how to get your car ready for winter.

Number One: Tires.
Don’t skimp when it comes to the tires. Why do so many of us overlook our tires? Let us ask you this —  do you get your oil changed every 3-4,000 miles? If you answered yes, you should get just as fanatical about your tires. These are like two sets of gloves for your wheels. With shoddy or neglected tires, your wheels are vulnerable. Check the tire tread to see if it’s worn. Monitor tire pressure. It’s recommended you do this on the regular, or at least check the tire pressure once a month, and/or definitely before a big trip. Speaking of, are you planning any ski trips this winter? You probably want to look into getting your car outfitted with snow tires.

Another way to avert disaster and get your car ready for winter is to have your brakes inspected. Unless, of course, you are already hearing brake grinding or squealing. In that case, you need to bring your car in. If there is one thing you absolutely must have during inclement weather, it’s functional brakes. Have a certified mechanic test your brakes, brake pads, discs and rotors and drive away with a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to not careen off the road into a snowbank.

Just as our bodies rely on connective tissue and cartilage as the sort of “glue” that holds us together, our vehicles need proper lubrication in their various vessels and portals that were designed specifically for this purpose. Windshield wiper fluid is a must, especially when driving through storms on roads that have been salted. Keep that ice scraper and portable shovel handy as well for any situations where you find your car snowed-in. Oil, we discussed already—don’t neglect the regular scheduling of the oil change. Other fluids that can be topped off include transmission fluid and coolants.

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