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Ford’s Mach 1 Electric SUV: Mustang Cues, Escape Platform

Back in January, during the run up to this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Ford mentioned that it was working on a new Mach 1 — but there was a catch.

Unlike the Blue Oval’s previous use of the supersonic moniker, which famously graced some high-performance versions of the Mustang, it’s set to be used for an all-electric SUV with a 300-mile range. Now, our friends over at Autocar have learned that the new model will be based on the next-generation Escape, and somehow, the streets of the Motor City are still free of gearheads brandishing torches and pitchforks.

Of course, the reason that Ford has dropped the Mach 1 name is because electric vehicle will supposedly take its design cues from the Mustang. And the fact that it’ll be based on the Escape means it will be far more of a compact crossover that the traditional SUV. So while we do find it a little curious that Ford would choose to take such a hard left from the history of the Mach 1 name? We’re quite curious about how this hot electric crossover will look — not to mention how it will perform. After all, it’s not like electric vehicles have to be slow…

Expect for news about the Mach 1 to continue to dribble out over the coming year, and for production models to arrive at your local AutoNation Ford dealer sometime in 2020. Until then, check out the video below for some info about the forthcoming Mach 1.

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