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The Force is With Them: Star Wars Nissans at the LA Auto Show

With The Last Jedi set to hit theaters Star Wars fans the world over are freaking out. And at the last major auto show before the premier, Nissan pulled out all the stops to transform its booth into something which would have felt right at home in a galaxy far, far, away. Even casual fans of the series—if there is even such a thing—likely got a big kick out of the Star Wars Nissans at the LA Auto Show. We know we sure did!

Our personal favorite was the X-Wing fighter-themed Rogue, complete with lovable little astromech droid BB-8 poking out the top. While we think the wings—whether deployed in attack position or not—would make parking virtually impossible anywhere but on a pedestal inside a convention center, they do look pretty killer.

Unfortunately, the Nissan representatives on hand confirmed that the Incom 4L4 fusial thrust engines are strictly mockups, and there are no plans to offer a production version with the real deal. We think that likely has something to do with California’s strict emissions standards, and you know, the fact that the units are completely fictional.

Star Wars Nissans

On the other hand, the battle-ready Titan looked like it might actually work as a daily driver. Sure, the twin cannons on the front bumper might mean looking for longer parking spots, and the armored canopy might impact rear visibility slightly. But otherwise? This baby looked good to go. We like that it seemed to take at least some cues from the equipment used on Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back, and would love to see the reactions we’d get rolling up to the local Whole Foods in this rig.

As you might expect, neither of those vehicles will be available at your local AutoNation dealer. But if Nissan decides to offer them, we’ll let you know. Enjoy the photos!

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