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Two Years From Now, Every Volvo Will be Hybrid or Electric

The times they are a changing, and the famously safe Swedish company is leading the charge. Because every Volvo will be hybrid or electric come 2019. In case you’re wondering, that’s a huge development.

Of course, if you’ve been following the news lately, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising. Because back in June, the company announced it was pivoting its performance Polestar division into a standalone badge, which would produce electric vehicles exclusively. It was a bold move, even if it might have bruised the hearts of fans who lusted after hot rod models like the V60 Polestar wagons.

Now, there’s been a lot of change at Volvo since it was acquired by Chinese giant Geely in 2010, and in our opinion, it’s all been for the better. While the dead-sexy P1800 remains a high-water mark as far as Volvo styling goes, the latest models have been some of the sexiest we’ve ever seen from the company, and are light years beyond the “boxy but good” styling which dominated its offerings in the late ’90s.

At this point, it’s not clear exactly what that means for the Volvo lineup, but according to the press release accompanying the announcement, we can expect to see five all-electric vehicles by 2021. Encouragingly, two of those five are supposed to be Polestar models which will retain their high-performance focus, even as they leave internal combustion behind. The prospect of weapons-grade electric vehicles from a major manufacturer like Volvo is definitely exciting, because if Tesla has proven anything, it’s that being green doesn’t mean you can’t be mean. So we hope the new Polestars will be able to give Elon Musk’s Ludicrous Mode-equipped cars a run for their money.

Buyers looking for green options from Volvo don’t have to wait, however. Right now, your local AutoNation-affiliated dealer has stocked plug-in hybrid versions of the XC60 and XC90 SUVs, along with the S90 luxury sedan, proving there’s never been a better time to be in the market for a green car. More on Volvo’s new lineup when we have it.

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