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Winter Wonderland: How to Drive Safely in Snow

As a human race, we are often at odds. So many important decisions can divide us. Latte or green tea? Apple or Droid? Red or white wine? Summer or winter? No matter if you are in your element most in the tropic heat or wintry wonderland, you still need to have some basic skills when it comes to driving in extreme temperatures. Since the cooler weather is upon us, let’s have a quick refresh on how to drive safely in snow.

Brake Test
Driving with faulty brakes or worn-out brake pads in the winter is no laughing matter. It’s also a good idea to think of the brakes as an extension of your body. You want to know them like the back of your hands. The more in sync you are with the time it takes to slow down and how quickly you can come to an emergency short stop, the more apt you’ll be to drive safely in snow.

Never Pump
Don’t pump your brakes. Ever. At least on slippery surfaces, don’t do this. Use light pressure only. If you are driving down a steep slope and are scared, just remember to do this, even though you’re natural instinct is to panic and pump: practice control. It’s a key part of how you train yourself to drive safely in snow.

Slow Down
When you get to bridges and overpasses, remember to use caution. You don’t necessarily have to use your brakes, but you don’t want to speed up. Because bridges and overpasses often freeze before lower surfaces (hence, the warning signs), one effective safe winter driving technique you can do is to simply take your foot off the accelerator when you travel over them. Tah-dah!

Winter Care Pack
Bundle up! Just as important as your winter gloves and extra layers of clothes, your car needs wintry accessories. In those brutal frostbitten New England mornings, for instance, only a fool would be found without an ice scraper handy. You’d be wicked sorry not to have it prior to that morning commute. Also a portable shovel couldn’t hurt. This is for those times when the snow piles up like magic outside the office and you have to put in a little muscle to dig yourself out.

While you’re at it, top off those fluids. Start with the basics: anti-freeze and windshield wiper fluid. Then of course there are always other considerations. Like snow tires and complete winterize-your-car packages. If you want to give your car the royal treatment, bring it in for the whole nine yards. You can schedule service online with us here today. This way you’ll be able to be fully present for the season’s greatest outdoor activities.

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