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Dream Machines Galore: Ford at SEMA 2017

Ford at SEMA is always special. While the awards might change from year to year, the Mustang has been the unofficial car of the show for as long as we can remember, and we’ve seen legions of wicked ones at the Las Vegas Convention Center. That’s in part because of the original pony car’s iconic place in history, and also because there’s a tremendous amount of support for Mustangs old and new, from the Blue Oval and myriad aftermarket vendors. It’s a perfect storm of awesome.

Now, while we love the latest generation Mustang—especially the totally bonkers GT350R—the 1960s models will always hold a special place in our greasy little heart. We’ve often dreamed about walking into a showroom five decades ago and picking up a spanking new model, and while that’s impossible, Ford is basically allowing motivated folks an even better option. Behold the R3 Mustang Fastback Classic Body Shell. It’s a perfect rendering of the vintage sheet metal, but made with modern steel and technology, and it comes ready to be made into the Mustang of your dreams. Just looking at this baby unpainted makes our imagination run wild, and we’d absolutely love to drop in a new crate engine, fit it with an independent rear suspension, and do up the interior with all the readily available classic bits. How cool would that be?

Of course, there was plenty of new-school cool in the booth as well. The Focus RS is one of our current favorites, and we’d love to take one rallying down some dirt roads. At this point? We think it’s the hottest of hot hatches, so we were completely taken with the tricked out version from Rally Innovations. Because while it might be a little silly to rock a livery on a street car? We think we’d make an exception here.

Take a look at all our photos from Ford at SEMA, and swing through your local AutoNation Ford dealer to check out all the Blue Oval’s latest products!

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