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Don’t Waste Time If You’re Looking to Buy a Nissan 370Z

Sports cars are a purchase that often gets put off. But if you’ve been dreaming of picking up a new Nissan 370Z? You should likely plan to do it sooner rather than later.

Because while Nissan remains committed to its giant-killing GT-R, the venerable Z might not be long for this world. One key indicator? There will be a Heritage Edition in 2018, which could very well be the model’s swan song. If that makes things sound bleak for the Z, it should, because our friends at Motor Authority caught up with Christian Meunier, senior vice president of Nissan Sales, Marketing, and Operations at the New York Auto Show, and he offered nothing in the way of reassurance about the model’s future.

Unless you happen to think this quote sounds reassuring: “The 370Z is not a priority for us.”

Nissan IDX Nismo Concept

Now, the market for entry-level sports cars is always a finicky one. Because the fact of the matter is, many of the people who would care to own these cars may care to own them used, not new.

One glimmer of hope is that 2019 will mark the Z’s 50th anniversary, so there’s an outside chance,  as rumors have suggested, that a full redesign would be green lit to mark it. But given that Nissan officially killed any hope it’d bring the stellar IDX concept — which debuted at 2014’s Tokyo Motor Show — into production, it appears the company’s patience for the entry-level sports car market has expired.

So we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed, but if you’re looking for a brand-new Z? It’d be a good idea to head to your local AutoNation dealer pronto.

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