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Dodge Demon Will Likely Sell for MSRP, Purchase Requires Signing Use Contract

The Dodge Demon has been a subject of automotive adulation since it was just rumor and innuendo.

And after Ma Mopar revealed its latest creation will be an 840-horsepower drag strip monster that’ll run the quarter mile in a blistering 9.65 seconds, enthusiasts have been losing their collective minds. Because in an era when everything seems to be about hybrid powertrains and fuel-sipping efficiency, the very idea of car purpose built to straight terrorize the tarmac seems — please pardon the disparate analogy — like manna from heaven. But as it turns out? There’s even more good news.

To ensure that the Demon winds up into the hands of enthusiasts, Dodge is taking some interesting steps to make sure fans don’t overpay for the satanic tire shredder. Right now, the MSRP for the Demon is $84,995, plus a $1095 destination fee. And while there are certain to be cases where market adjustments are added to reflect the low-production, high-demand nature of the vehicle, an official statement from Dodge outlines that cars sold at MSRP — or below — will receive priority status on the production line.

So in a totally weird reversal of fortune, buyers who pay above it will get their cars later, rather than sooner.

Now, whether your local AutoNation Dodge dealer will be able to order a Demon for you will depend on how many Hellcats, Chargers, and Challengers they’ve sold over the last year. Fortunately, AutoNation dealers are some of the highest volume in the business, so that means their customers have a better shot than most of scoring one of these bad boys. Yup, it pays to be an AutoNation customer.

But before you roll your new ride off the lot, the legal team at Dodge is going to want to have a few words with you, by way of a Demon-specific contract. Basically, it’s a warning you’re buying a weapons-grade piece of kit, and that great care should be taken not to do anything unwise with it.

You can read all the contract’s specific points here, and if you want to actually get the chance to sign it yourself? We’d recommend getting to down to your local dealer pronto.

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