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Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology Review

Teen drivers may be taught how to drive well and are often capable of making good decisions, yet the one drawback they have in common is lack of experience. Without that driving ‘muscle memory’ built-in, they have to learn, often the hard way—like the rest of us—through repetition and experiencing the seemingly endless scenarios that call on driving wisdom to successfully navigate through. The good news is the rampant unrolling in recent years of technology platforms that were engineered specifically to come to the aid of new drivers. One such car manufacturer with a sturdy offering is Chevrolet. To follow is our Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology Review.

What it is:
They call it a “hands-on teaching tool” that is integrated into your Chevrolet software to be used as a new driver coaching tool for building up safe driving habits. It’s especially useful for new teen drivers who are just learning.

What it does:
Chevrolet Teen Driver essentially lets you coach your teen driver even when you’re not in the car with him or her. Safety Features of Teen Driver include:

Custom Alerts that trigger audible and visual warnings if the vehicle exceeds a set speed. Getting your teenagers into the habit of obeying speed limits from an early age sets them up for a lawful driving experience for life.

Distance Driven: Chevrolet Teen Driver tracks mileage on trips, which is especially helpful if your teen is supposed to be using the car to run errands and attend activities around town, only.

It also can mute audio until front seat buckles are secured on passengers in the front seat. Automatically, it can activate important safety technologies like Forward Collision Alert, Front Automatic Braking, and Side Blind Zone Alert.

How it works:
With your compatible Chevrolet model, activate the Chevrolet MyLink* display. Access the Teen Driver menu by entering a PIN, then register a key. You can program this key for each time your teen drives the vehicle. You then get the peace of mind in knowing your teen will be discouraged from speeding and taking the car on unsupervised extended journeys.

What makes Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology unique?
The inclusion of a report card. Most available Chevy models have Teen Driver Technology with an in-vehicle report card. This report encourages a dialogue between parents and teen drivers in their households that looks at their performance behind the wheel and generates awareness of potential problem areas and how they can be improved.

We’ve come a long way in available car safety technology in the last ten years. We’re fortunate to have innovative automotive manufacturers like Chevrolet making this very beneficial technology available to us. To find out which Chevrolet models currently are Teen Driver Technology-ready and to try it out, visit your local AutoNation dealership today.

*Chevy MyLink subject to availability by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices. Teen Driver requires Chevrolet MyLink with 8-inch diagonal display.

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